Crescent Beach Folk Dance Retreat


Weekend Folk Dance Retreat

Friday, September 20, 5pm for registration (dinner at 6pm)
to Sunday, September 22, 2pm.
Location: Alexandra Retreat & Events Centre, 2916 McBride Ave, Surrey, in Crescent Beach.
 dancers have registered!

Alexandra Retreat and Events Centre is a unique facility located just half a block from the ocean in the popular and picturesque village of Crescent Beach. Heritage and modern buildings are arranged around the perimeter of a 2½ acre, fenced site with overnight accommodation for up to 84 people, as well as meeting and multi-purpose rooms for group gatherings.

Information Sheet
Packing List

See buildings layout here.

The cabins, longhouse, and stagehouse have the beds. Many of the beds are bunks; they will accommodate 57 people without using the top bunks. Alexandra Hall is where we will dance.

See map to Camp Alexandra here.

The programme will have workshops for new dancers, plenty of dancing for more experienced dancers and lots of opportunities for fun and socializing. The programme is dependant on the skills and talents of registrants. Don’t worry, every registrant is not required to contribute to the programme.

Saturday evening – The theme is Fall Fair. Think about the fall fair and be creative. Fall colours, perhaps?

In keeping with our Fall Fair theme, you are invited to participate in “the best fall bouquet or centrepiece contest”. This is just for fun!


  • The early-bird base cost per person will be $150 per person for 2 nights’ accommodation in a lower bunk, 6 meals from supper Friday to lunch Sunday, snacks, and a full schedule of dancing and other activities.
  • Accommodations are in the cabins, longhouse, and stagehouse. All the cabins accommodate either 2 or 3 people, and require a walk outside to the bathroom in the Admin building. The longhouse and stagehouse have rooms that accommodate 2 people and have shared bathrooms down the hall. There are a limited number of beds available in the longhouse and stagehouse. These beds are available for an extra $10 per person for the weekend. The double room beds will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Your double room bed fee will be refunded if a bed is not available when your registration is received.
  • Bring your own bedding, towels and toiletries. Contact us if you are flying in and want to borrow bedding and towels. We recommend a mattress topper if you want to make your bed more comfortable.
  • No Pets: Health regulations prohibit pets unless special circumstances require an exception (i.e. guide dog) that is approved prior to arrival.
  • Parking: Ample parking is available on both Sullivan and McBride, outside the fenced Camp area – no parking on the grounds.
  • Meals will be provided by Camp Alexandra. They are very experienced at accommodating special diets which they will do for us for an extra charge. However, they will allow us to bring our own food, and refrigerator space is available.

Things still to do :

The ways attendees can contribute:

  • Teach dances; either one or two, or take charge of an hour workshop.
  • Lead an activity – bird-watching, hiking, campfire, singing, music, discussion, crafts etc. There are lounges available in the longhouse.
  • Set-up, Clean-up, Registration, Decorating
  • First Aid: We are required to bring our own first aid kits and medical supplies. We must appoint a person to attend to any emergency/accident that may occur. Are you qualified?
  • Help with snacks
  • Photography and/or videography
  • Jamming with musical instruments is possible – bring them along. Can you lead such a session?
  • A talent night will be scheduled on Saturday night. Do you have an act to perform?
  • Centrepieces for the the fall fair theme


  • Begin Surrey dancers early registration in early June
  • Begin general registration in mid June
  • Early bird registration deadline August 1
  • No refunds after September 3.
  • Final date of registration September 13.

After reading everything, do you still have questions? Check the Retreat FAQ and then contact us.